Sunday, April 19, 2009


So I completely bailed on a reading I had last night. I don't normally do this but I could not in good faith go against my gut feeling that I was doing something wrong. It was a censored reading, all ages, at a coffee shoppe. I agreed to be a featured poet but there was no advertisements and again...censored. My poetry cannot be censored and if it means I piss some people off then so be it. I write what I feel. I don't string swear words along through every piece, but my work regardless of that is raw, brutal, and sometimes a violent display of imagery that compliments the images in my head from memories past.

I felt completely ill and uncomforatble with myself by agreeing to do this and fought internally about it. Granted it was another notch in my floral bed post but as an artist even tweeking my words for the sake of numbers isn't something I would be proud of doing. I am Lisa fucking Vicious! I'm a damned rockstar poet, not someone who writes about hugging trees and using the word beautiful to describe some imaginary world in my hobbist-head.

I apologize for bailing without notice last night but I don't apologize for the way I feel and I refuse to share my soul, my words, my pressence, with people who want me to be something I am not. conclusion, if you want Lisa Vicious - be prepared for the unexpected, the obscene, and the best damn - honest - soul searching-slap in the face spoken word you've ever heard!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Food For Thought

Who am I? Really. Who am I to you? Since a little before Christmas I've been fortunate enough to have rekindled some friendships, found new friendships with old acquaintances, and I have realized reaffirmed to myself and for them that who we are is seldom what others see. Yes, I am an open book 99% of the time but what I have found is that when people pass thru your daily Life and they don't see what they expect to or what they would like to they think you aren't that person and thus you lose your chance to prove that you indeed do that more than the facet that was shown on a particular day. Does that make sense?

There is that quote about making a good first impression, but really how can you when you can't be your absolute best and show your whole self in such a small frame of time? When are we going to start looking deeper at people, not analyzing them, but let's not keep licking the surface because what sour coated candy may taste awful at first might have some kick ass sweetness inside if you lick it long enough to find out.

My point? It takes more effort but let's try a 1,2,3....three strikes your out test when we can. Whether it's with new friends, a band, trying new food... never underestimate someone or something based on a first or second meeting because you might end up screwing the pooch!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Women’s Self-Empowerment Week

Yep, that's right January 5-11th is Women's Self-empowerment Week and although I am a fan of promoting self improvement year round this would be a good time to encourage those of you who don't live by this rule to spend at least one day this week doing something to empower yourself as not just a person but as a woman.

Some simple suggestions would be to:
  • take a self -defense class
  • learn about womens issues around the world and take action
  • do something drastic with your hair and embrace the new you
  • (my personal fav)learn to multitask so you don't cause an accident while driving and talking on the phone and applying your lipstick (it can be done responsibly!)
  • educate yourself more!
  • pick one thing you wanted to do but didn't have the guts to do and DO IT!

I also suggest some reading material that will bring empowerment all year round:

  • Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl by Sheri Argov Full of much-needed advice, hilarious real dating scenarios, "she says/he thinks" tables, and the author's special "attraction principles, " Why Men Love Bitches shows women how to always be unpredictable, exciting, strong, and ever so cool.
  • The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch) By Caitlin Friedman Caitlin Friedman will teach you to be powerful without being possessive, to be opinionated without being brassy, and to have a strong voice without micromanaging. You'll learn just how to own the role of queen bee in a positive way so that you can be more mentor than manager, one who leads, inspires, and motivates.
  • Slackonomics By Lisa Chamberlain Lisa Chamberlain shows how Generation X has survived and even thrived in the era of creative destruction, but will now be faced with solving economic and environmental problems on a global scale.

I own these books, they rock. So this week, even if it's going out and celebrating your womanhood by purchasing that new BOB you were eyeing online, you owe it to yourself to do something. For me, I'm going to simply remind myself how lucky I am to be able to stand on my own but also that I have the love of a wonderful mate who isn't intimidated by my independence or success.

Friday, January 2, 2009

"It Doesn't Matter To Me"

Sometimes I feel as though I should quit writing poetry altogether and just rant about assholes I encounter daily. Today was no exception dealing with an asshole but this guy really got my goat! I went to the local pet store to buy my lizard some live mice and as the purchase was almost complete the young man cashier says to me, "would you like a bag?" to which I had barely finished my reply "yes please, you never" and before I got to respond the with what I felt was an important statement about why I felt I needed a bag to put the box of mice in he says "it doesn't matter to me" and starts talking to another associate!

Wha wha what? It doesn't matter to you? Now I understand he probably meant it doesn't matter if I took a bag or not as opposed to why I wanted the bag or not but still, to say that and not even in a nonchalant way as one would when being asked about pizza toppings. This little fucker was pissed that he had to DO HIS JOB up until the very last minute his shift ended.

My interpretation of "it doesn't matter to me" is:

  • my husband is terrifed of mice and is driving, say one of them mofos gets out and scared Tom causes an accident and kills a small child in a car because it didn't matter the mice weren't in a bag extra secure
  • what if I accidentally dropped the box on the way to the car and the mice which cost $3.00 a piece scattered across the parking lot and I didn't have another ten bucks to buy more because it didn't matter
  • not to mention the fact that I had other items for my cats - I didn't want to carry everything seperately, of course YOU ASSHOLE - I WANT A BAG!

I try real hard to be nice to people especially in retail because I remember how much it sucks to work retail at times but c'mon if you expect to be treated with respect then have some common sense and treat your customers with respect because IT DOES MATTER.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas, final blog of 2008

As 2008 rapidly comes to an end, a bit to fast for me these last weeks, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to better things to come in 2009!

After today's SNOW STORM OF DOOM! and 2 "naps" (I can't stay asleep), I have finally relaxed enough to collect my thoughts and wanted to share with you how very grateful I am to be me. I know, sounds pretentious but it's not. I have the love of a wonderful husband, new friendships in bloom with new friends and old accquaintences and family, I have truly been able to help people by being nobody special - just me. And that's pretty cool. I am especially grateful for all you who come to read my blogs, buy my books, and art, and support me with your words of encouragement. 2009 is going to be another new start, fresh, beautiful, and I hope you will stay here to share it with me!

Lisa Vicious

Monday, November 3, 2008

How to Live Green on a Budget

If you're like me going 100% green on a low budget isn't likely to happen soon but there are things we can do that will save both energy and money and turn your home into a green house.

How to Live Green on a Budget

You care for the environment, but perhaps the price of organic food makes you hyperventilate as you see your budget fly out the window. Believe it or not, a person on a budget can do plenty of things to better the environment. And often, living green saves you money. Follow these steps to live green on a budget.

  • Try washing clothes in cold water. Not only do cold-water washes get your clothes clean using less energy, but they also cause less wear and tear on clothing. The same applies to line drying your clothes. Clothes dryers use about 66 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and cost you more than the green way of hanging your clothes on a clothesline.

  • Turn the thermostat down in the winter. Save five percent on your heating budget for every degree you turn down your thermostat. Lower energy costs on cooling by depending on ceiling fans over air conditioning. Weather stripping doors and windows helps you stay comfortable by reducing drafts.

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. Live green and save up to $30 in electricity costs on each bulb.

  • Spend a couple of minutes less in the shower to save water and your budget. Save further with low-flow showerheads.

  • Live green by shopping for food wisely. Buy in bulk, in season and bring your own shopping bag. Ultimately, this saves energy and money. Check out places like Sam's Club or Costco.

  • Forget about those expensive cleaning products that often harm the environment as well. Look to vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for your cleaning needs.

  • Unplug appliances that aren't being used. They though they aren't on it is still using what is called "phantom" or "vampire" energy. You can save money and energy doing this simple action.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fat Poet .003 : The Cleanse

For about 3 and a half weeks I was feeling great, maintaining my diet and suddenly I became sluggish and bloated again! I don't know if it's a product of my anti-depressants or the weather, I can't pin point it. So I decided to do a body detox ie. I'm cleaning my insides out.

Day One: drinking water, took detox pill 725mg. No results yet.